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gallant adj
1 unflinching in battle or action; "a gallant warrior"; "put up a gallant resistance to the attackers"
2 lively and spirited; "a dashing hero" [syn: dashing]
3 having or displaying great dignity or nobility; "a gallant pageant"; "lofty ships"; "majestic cities"; "proud alpine peaks" [syn: lofty, majestic, proud]
4 having the qualities of gallantry attributed to an ideal knight [syn: chivalrous, knightly]


1 a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance [syn: dandy, dude, fop, sheik, beau, swell, fashion plate, clotheshorse]
2 a man who attends or escorts a woman [syn: squire]

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  • italbrac RP /gəˈlænt/ or /ˈgælənt/
  • italbrac US /gəˈlɑːnt/ or /ˈgælənt/
  • Rhymes with: -ɑːnt, Rhymes with: -ænt


  1. Very polite with women.


  1. (dated) fashionable young man, who is polite and attentive to women
brave, valiant

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Gallant may refer to:
In fiction:
  • Felicia Gallant, a character on the soap opera Another World
  • Michael Gallant, a medical doctor in the TV series ER
  • Goofus & Gallant, a cartoon in Highlights for Children featuring two contrasting boys to show differences between "good" and "bad" behavior
In water transportation:
People with the surname Gallant:

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Achilles, Beau Brummel, Casanova, David, Don Juan, Hector, Lothario, Roland, Romeo, Samson, a man, abandoned, admirer, adorer, amorist, amoroso, attentive, beau, beloved, blade, blood, bold, bold-spirited, boulevardier, boyfriend, brave, bravura, braw, buck, bulldog, caballero, cavalier, cavaliere servente, ceremonious, champion, chevalier, chichi, chivalric, chivalrous, chutzpanik, clotheshorse, considerate, courageous, courteous, courtly, coxcomb, dandy, daring, dashing, date, dauntless, debauched, debauchee, decorated hero, demigod, demigoddess, dignified, dirty old man, dissipated, dissolute, doughty, dressy, dude, elegant, escort, esquire, exhibitionistic, exquisite, fashion plate, fast, fearless, fellow, fighting cock, fine, fine gentleman, flame, flashing, flashy, flaunting, fop, formal, free, fribble, frilly, frothy, game, gamecock, gay, gay deceiver, gay dog, gentlemanly, gigolo, glittering, glorious, good soldier, gracious, grand, greathearted, hardy, hero, heroic, heroine, herolike, high-spirited, imposing, inamorato, intrepid, ironhearted, jack-a-dandy, jackanapes, jaunty, jazzy, knight, knightlike, knightly, lady-killer, lecher, libertine, licentious, lion, lionhearted, lothario, lounge lizard, love-maker, lover, lover-boy, macaroni, magnificent, majestic, man, man of courage, man-about-town, manful, manly, mannerly, masher, mettlesome, necker, noble, old man, old-fashioned, old-world, paladin, paramour, petter, philanderer, plucky, polite, profligate, puppy, rake, rakehell, rakehellish, rakehelly, rakish, rip, roue, rounder, satyr, seducer, sheik, showy, skirt chaser, snazzy, soldierlike, soldierly, spark, sparker, splashy, splendid, splurgy, sport, sporty, squire, stalwart, stately, stout, stouthearted, suave, sugar daddy, suitor, swain, sweetheart, swell, swinger, the brave, thoughtful, tiger, unafraid, unbridled, undaunted, urbane, valiant, valiant knight, valorous, walking phallus, wanton, well-bred, wild, wolf, woman chaser, womanizer, wooer, young man
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